Friday, September 12, 2014

friday links. (alternate title: I should be napping...)

My hair is unwashed (two days isn't awful... right?!), the living room floor is littered with puzzle pieces and plastic trucks, and there are dishes to be done. But Silas is finally napping for the first time this week, and so it makes the most sense to me to plop down on my sunny, warm bed and...write a quick blog post.

I haven't done a Friday links post in a little while, and since it's Friday, well, here ya go. 

This blog post written by Chelsea about seeking approval on social media resonated with me. 

Mary from Happy Baby Wrap sent a bamboo wrap my way this week, and I'm pretty stoked to try it out with Delia. 

This post by Carissa about living with less and the struggles of being content was a good read. 

I picked out a new pair of glasses frames from Firmoo this week-- going with a fun pop of electric blue! 

How gorgeous are Anna Rifle Bond's illustrated book covers for these classics? I should start a collection for Delia. 

I always love Sydney's maternity style. This dress from earlier this summer is so lovely.

These new jogger pants from Aerie are so perfect for this fall. I bought a pair of the skinny joggers in "beet" and have barely taken them off all week.

Ok, dishes can wait, but this hair needs some tending to. This weekend is looking to be perfectly crisp, and we're going apple picking in the morning! Three cheers for fall's arrival! Got any fun plans for the next few days?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

38 weeks.

I'm not sure I really have words for the feelings that have been washing over me the last few days. While I'm so ready to meet this little girl face-to-face, I am quite a bit terrified to be a mom of two. The past few days, Si has been skipping his nap, and it's left me feeling exhausted (even more than usual) and low on patience. I can only imagine what these kinds of days will look like when I have a toddler bouncing off the walls, bags under my eyes, and a tiny newborn to care for as well. So, I'm doing my best to soak up the quiet times I have left (even if it means stuffing my head under a pillow while Si chatters in his room), and praying my way through the days. 

I think that the next few months will be filled with lessons on how I can't rely on my own strength, but instead, on God's strength through me. Those kinds of lessons scare me. Because they are hard learned, and often come only after many tears for me. 

So, besides being a little terrified and a little exhausted, we are pretty ready for the arrival of miss Delia Bea. Ready to kiss those sweet toes, hold her tiny hands and introduce her to her big brother. 

Her drawers are stocked with the frilliest, sweetest little clothes imaginable. 

The guest bedroom is made up and awaiting my mom's arrival. 

Silas is practically bursting from waiting for his little sister (not sure he actually believes us that she's really coming soon...)

The freezer is filled with meals-- both homemade and our favorites from Trader Joe's. 

My hospital bag is packed and ready to be snagged at a moment's notice. 

I bought a few fun lounge clothes, fully remembering the frumpy feeling of being a new mom. And hoping new sweatpants and tees will alleviate that just a bit. 

We've toured the hospital, met with the other midwives that may help deliver Delia, and I'm downing several cups of raspberry leaf tea each day. 

Not much left to do but wait... and get one last pregnancy pedicure, of course. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

creating our laundry nook.

For the first year we lived in this house, the laundry was in the basement. The stairs leading down to the basement are narrow and it's unfinished and dreary down there. Dirty and clean laundry often ended up piled in our foyer, on the couch, or on the stairs. There were dozens of times when we'd have to run a load of wash over again after it sat wet and forgotten in the washing machine for several days. It was far from convenient to have the laundry down there. So as soon as we moved in, moving the laundry upstairs was at the top of our projects list. 

This week, we finally put the finishing touches on the laundry nook on our second floor, and it's glorious. Laundry has never been easier, and Silas even does half of my job by loading and unloading the machines for me. I've even gotten around to washing things like rugs and duvets because it's just so much easier. 

The second floor is where all of our bedrooms are located, and there was a small linen closet at one end. We hired a contractor, a plumber, and an electrician (all friends of ours) to create a larger space/closet for the laundry, and run gas and water lines. As much as I love a good DIY, Chris and I know nothing about plumbing or electricity, so it was worth it to hire out for that stage. The process of rebuilding the larger space (we took a little bit of space from the hallway and the bedroom behind it), running the proper lines and installing the machines took about five weeks. 

After the professional work was finished, we painted the inside of the nook a bold teal (Thermal Spring by Behr), and then it sat semi-finished all summer. Functional, with the machines hooked up, but without doors or shelving. 

Last weekend, it was time to finish up, so Chris installed the bi-fold doors (and some spunky knobs I found on clearance at Anthro) and created some shelving. He bought pine boards from Home Depot, cut them to size, sanded and poly-ed them. They were the perfect simple solution to hold our linens and laundry essentials. 

We'd still like to add in a countertop over the machines, and install a fold-down ironing board, but for now, we'll call it finished. 

Because of the location of the laundry nook right at the top of the stairs, it's a little difficult to get great pictures, but here are a few shots to give you an idea of how it turned out. And in an ideal world, I'd have the shelves beautifully accessorized, but at 9 months pregnant, I'm just about out of steam, so I'm working with what we've got and I'm perfectly happy with it. 

PS. Sherry and John from Young House Love are creating their own laundry nook, and have been writing pretty detailed posts about each stage-- check their blog out for more on the nitty gritty aspects of creating a laundry room, and the gorgeous details they've included. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

bump style: 35 weeks

Sheesh, I haven't posted a bump style post since 28 weeks. Sometimes it's just easier to have Chris snap a picture on my phone and post it to Instagram than to take pictures, edit them, and write out a blog post. So, if you want to see some of the ways I dressed my bump in the last seven weeks, hop over and follow my Instagram account.

As I type, I'm almost 36 weeks, and I'm sitting on a yoga ball. Last week, my midwife said to me, "Let's get this show on the road!" Sweet words to hear. So, she gave me all kinds of homework to get my body ready and starting to progress. 

When I had Silas, my labor lasted 30 hours, he was almost 10 lbs, and I had a C-section. (read more about his birth story here). This time around, we're shooting for a VBAC, and thankfully, I've got a great midwife who is totally on board with that. I'm not trying in any way to redeem Silas' birth story, and in fact, it doesn't bother me at all that his arrival came via C-section. What I would love to do is avoid another surgery, and the awful recovery that comes with it-- especially in a three-story house and with a toddler! 

Just like with Si's arrival, my expectations are pretty much out the window. I'm not writing a birth plan, and even though I have some thoughts on how I'd like to see things go (I'd love to labor in the tub, we'll see how long I can go natural, and yeah, a VBAC would be fabulous), I'm perfectly content with whatever happens, as long as we are both healthy at the end. 

I'm tired, but not miserable. There's a lot of waddling going on, and hearing Si grunt and "oof!" as he gets off the couch makes me laugh as I realize he is mimicing his mama. Even through the discomforts, aches, pains and exhaustion, pregnancy is still pretty amazing to me, and feeling her arms and legs slide across my belly still makes me stop and savor. But I'm definitely ready to get this show on the road already, and meet this babe already...

what i'm wearing:: denim vest:: {gap} //  tank:: {asos maternity} // skirt:: {she inside} // necklace:: {c/o nspottery} // sandals :: {these from asos} // see my 35 week bump with Silas

Thursday, August 21, 2014

nursery details.

While Chris was on a business trip in South Africa last week, all I could think about was getting ready for this baby (and okay, maybe a little bit about sleep, and chocolate chip cookies-- which my midwife has banned for the remainder of this pregnancy). The day after he touched down in Boston, we set to work moving Si into his new room (Chris' old office, which got stripped of its' ugly wallpaper and got a new coat of white paint earlier this month). We rolled out new rugs in both their rooms,  moved some furniture around, and built her crib (the same version that Silas has, but in white instead of gray). 

I spent the week before working on little projects for her room, like painting her kraft letter "d" metallic gold, and creating an abstract painting with peaches, pinks, fuchsia and gold. Just yesterday, a package came in the mail with fabrics I'd chosen to make a fabric garland above her crib. I'll be using this tutorial to make it. 

While on a day date in the city yesterday, Chris helped me pick out some sweet knobs from Anthropologie to add a bit of personality to our IKEA Koppang dresser. Even though I've seen a lot of nurseries use the Hemnes dresser, the Koppang was just the right small size for this space-- just enough table top space for a changing pad (once we get one).

There's something that feels almost sacred about creating a nursery for a new little being. I felt it with Si, and it's there again with Delia. I walk in her room, with all the little details still waiting to be pulled together, and the anticipation is palpable. We've had some incredibly cool almost fall-like mornings this week, and sitting in that big gray chair in the corner of her room, with the morning breeze blowing in is a bit heavenly. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We celebrated Silas' second birthday on Sunday. Poor guy has his two year molars coming in, but that didn't stop him from totally reveling in all the birthday fun. We had my brother, sister-in-law, and their brood of four in for the week, so it was an automatic party right from the get-go.

We repeated our 'tradition' from last year of laying low and celebrating the day without any frills or attempts at being Pinterest-y. The night before felt almost like Christmas, as Chris and I assembled his new basketball hoop, wrapped new books and PJs, and baked a cake. I have a feeling that my kids' birthdays are going to become my favorite holidays of the year. 

We started the day with a big breakfast of waffles, eggs, breakfast sausage and fruit, and ended it with a lobster feast. None of the adults were very bothered that the kids couldn't be convinced to try the lobster-- they were perfectly happy with their hotdogs and corn-on-the-cob. 

Last year, on his first birthday, I was overwhelmed by the emotions that came from reflecting back on my first year as a mama. This year, I was just happy to soak up my sweet boy in all his two-year-oldness. He's changing constantly, and even came down from his birthday nap saying "Yeah" instead of his usual affirmative "Uh-huh". His floppy hair is bleached blonde from the summer sun, and I think his eyes might be heading a little more towards a blue hue than the bright green of his daddy's. And in just six weeks or so, he's bound to seem even older and bigger when he becomes a big brother for the first time. 

Monday, July 28, 2014


Is there anything more cozy than a morning thunderstorm with candles lit and cuddly toddler doing puzzles by your side?
I can't think of much else. 

do I really have two more months left for this belly to grow?!
I got my first 'twins?' comment this weekend. 

anyone wanna come help with the million and one projects we have on our 'before baby comes' list?
laundry nook shelves, delia's room, organizing the heck out of our life...

how adorable are these tiny handmade baby girl dresses?!
that pink and gold polka dot one is headed my way!

will Delia have my dark complexion, or Chris and Silas' fair complexion?
I can't imagine a blonde girl in my family, but I can't wait to see! 

how did I just now buy my first pair of Saltwater sandals?! 
I'm in looove. First pair of sandals I've ever had that are absolutely comfy from day 1. 

what are your favorite toys for toddlers? 
Silas' birthday is in two weeks, and I'm pretty excited about the bike we're getting him. 

is there a comfier dress than this one from Asos
Answer: no. 

how many times is Si gonna drive his truck around the coffee table today?
We're currently at lap #46.  

what's for lunch?!
the real question of the day.